SEATTLE, WA --- Exxon Mobil Corp. has plans to open a biodiesel blending terminal in Spokane by late November, the Associated Press reported. And within weeks after that opening, Chevron Corp. will begin supplying diesel fuel blended with 5 percent biodiesel to marketers and retail outlets in Washington.

These two developments are expected to help the state's efforts to increase its use of biodiesel. By Nov. 30, state law requires that 2 percent of all diesel sold in the state must be biodiesel, and 2 percent of gasoline sold must be ethanol. There are no penalties for failing to meet these goals, however.

Currently, the state is well shy of the goal. About 0.6 percent of all diesel sold in Washington is biodiesel, according to state figures.

"There is no tooth to [the law]," Peter Moulton, the state's bioenergy coordinator, told AP. The law functions more as a goal than a mandate.