AUBURN HILLS, MI – Audi has spent the past two years developing its Travolution project, which has recently ended test trials on the streets of Audi’s home town, Ingolstadt, Germany. The project, with an investment of about $2 million, is designed to optimize the flow of traffic through networked communications between traffic lights and cars, resulting in less stopping times, according to  

Audi made an Audi A5 and an A6 Avant available as test vehicles for the project. Traffic lights equipped with communications modules sent the time for the next green-light phase to the car’s on-board computer. The drivers of these cars were informed through the Audi MMI infotainment system at what speed they should travel in order to drive through the intersection without having to stop.  

With the successful completion of the test trials, Travolution is to be expanded by another 20 cars and 50 traffic light installations. In addition, up-to-the-minute traffic information for the city will keep drivers better informed.