SEAL BEACH, CA – Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has acquired Dallas Clean Energy LLC (DCE) for approximately $19.1 million from Camco International Ltd, a New Jersey-based company focused on developing projects and strategies to reduce carbon emissions. Clean Energy has partnered in acquiring and operating the project with Cambrian Energy, a landfill gas project development and management company, which owns 30 percent of DCE.

DCE owns the McCommas Bluff landfill gas processing plant, the third largest landfill gas operation in the United States. The landfill, owned by the City of Dallas, opened in 1975 and is scheduled to close in 2042.  It is estimated that pipeline quality methane gas will continue to be produced for approximately 30 years after the landfill closes.

Clean Energy entered into a $30 million credit facility with PlainsCapital Bank in Dallas, Texas in order to finance the acquisition and anticipated future capital improvements at the landfill.

Atmos Energy Pipeline Company distributes the gas collected from the landfill facility.

"This is a major strategic action for Clean Energy, enabling our company to participate in using renewable biogas introduced into the pipeline system for our account along with traditional natural gas," said Andrew Littlefair, Clean Energy's president and CEO. 

"Refuse companies, in particular, are seeking our help in making the connection between the methane gas from their landfills and its use for transportation fuel for their truck fleets," he added.