WASHINGTON, D.C. --- Hyundai will be recalling 88,943 2007 and 2008 Santa Fe SUVs in August to correct an inaccurate certification label. The label in question lists the wrong gross axle weight ratings on vehicles equipped with 18-inch wheels and tires.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that overloading the vehicles in the recall could lead to tire failure.

"Overloading your vehicle may adversely affect handling and braking and may cause tire damage, resulting in tire failure and a crash without warning," the NHTSA said.

The incorrect label is on the driver-side center pillar. The automaker will mail corrected labels to the vehicle owners affected. Another option for owners is to have their dealer apply the new label for free.

Hyundai said it has reduced the front and rear gross axle weight ratings by 66 pounds each for the 2008 Santa Fe equipped with P253/60R18 tires at the plant.

There have been no reported accidents related to the problem.