JUNEAU, Alaska --- Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has proposed a plan to give each Alaskan resident $1,200 to offset soaring energy costs, the Associated Press reported.

The $769 million plan, announced Friday, June 20, also seeks to suspend the state's fuel tax of 8 cents a gallon for a year for motorists. Palin said the state can afford this approach because Alaska has seen much higher tax revenue from the oil industry.

State motorists, in the meantime, have had to deal with prices at the pump considerably higher than the rest of the nation. In some areas in the state, gasoline prices have risen as high as $10 a gallon or more.

"It's filled our state coffers, but at the same time, it's hurting the individuals' pocket books," Palin said. "With the crisis facing Alaskans, we've got to do something."