AUBURN HILLS, MI – As Audi prepares to launch the new-generation S4 and the updated A6 next year, details have started to emerge with regards to its engine. The S4 won’t go down the same path as its predecessor or the recently introduced S5 in using a V-8 engine, but instead will downsize to a V-6, according to


The new engine will serve as the successor to the 3.2L FSI with Valvetronic. And though the current engine is still a leader in refinement and is quite brisk, its 265 horsepower rating is down compared to its newer rivals, particularly the 3.0L BMW twin-turbo straight six and Mercedes-Benz’s recently updated 3.5L V-6, which now produces over 300 horsepower.

The engine, dubbed 3.0 TFSI, will be supercharged. Using a new Eaton supercharger, the V-6 engine generates 286 horsepower at 4,850 rpm and 310 lb-ft of torque at 2,500 rpm. The supercharger is supplemented by an air-to-air intercooler. These figures will most likely apply to the engine that will be featured on the A6, rather than the S4.

The primary reason for Audi’s switch to superchargers is based on low-end torque, particularly at very low revs; in addition, the supercharged setup is less complex and less costly to fit than a twin-turbo setup.