CHICAGO– has launched a new Green/Hybrid Buying Guide to help educate consumers about the types of hybrid and alternative-fuel cars on the market. The new guide offers the latest news and up-to-date videos on alternative-fuels and hybrid technologies. Shoppers can also search for new cars specifically by hybrid, clean diesel, E-85, or for cars with conventional gas engines that get exceptionally high gas mileage.

According to a recent survey, beyond hybrids, few consumers consider other green alternatives such as clean diesel, E-85, and plug-in electric vehicles as an attractive option. Nearly half of consumers surveyed said they didn't know enough about any of the various technologies on the market to consider them for their next purchase.

"Consumers don't have enough information about the green technologies that are currently on the market," said editor-in-chief Patrick Olsen. "As more people factor in the environmental impact into their buying decision, we think the new Green/Hybrid Buying Guide will give consumers the tools and information they need to make a confident buying decision."

Nearly 60 percent of consumers indicate they will consider a hybrid vehicle for their next purchase. And, while most consumers buy or consider a hybrid for the gas savings, more than 30 percent said that their primary reason for purchasing or considering a hybrid is to help the environment or cut down on the consumption of foreign oil.

The Green/Hybrid Buying Guide can be accessed through the home page in the research section.