IRVINE, CA -’s Hybrid Survey for 2008, released in time for Earth Day, punctures some of the myths around hybrids and shows that several hybrid car models are cheaper to own than their non-hybrid counterparts.

“The long-standing myth about hybrids is that they cost more to own and struggle to justify their higher sticker prices,” said James Bell, publisher and editor of “This is not true. In fact, half of the 24 hybrid models on the market in 2008 perform better than their non-hybrid counterparts in terms of overall cost to own. The bottom line is that hybrids are also a smart economic choice and not just about ‘going green’ anymore.”’s Hybrid Survey compares hybrid and non-hybrid versions of the same vehicle for the 2008 model year. The survey examines how each vehicle performs based on a projected total cost of ownership figure over five years or 70,000 miles.

Besides fuel costs, which are considered the primary savings point for hybrid cars, the survey factored in other major cost items that consumers often overlook such as maintenance and repair costs and car insurance.

A complete PDF of the survey is available at

The Results


Originally posted on Business Fleet