ALEXANDRIA, VA – AirPlus International, a global provider of business travel payment solutions, announced a new corporate MasterCard product with partner Wright Express Financial Services Corporation. Together with the AirPlus Company Account — a UATP lodged card used for pre-trip expenses such as air and rail — this new MasterCard product provides corporations with improved insurance offering, access to new technology, premier customer service, a user-friendly online portal, flexible billing and liability options.

Utilizing the MasterCard merchant network, customers can take advantage of global acceptance: more than 22 million outlets and cash access at more than 1 million ATMs worldwide. AirPlus International and Wright Express, both uniquely focused in specialized areas of the commercial payments market, bring expertise and innovation to this global product offering. Wright Express has 25 years of experience in the commercial card marketplace and AirPlus International, with more than 770 employees worldwide, has doubled its processing volume in the US last year.

"We're pleased that AirPlus chose Wright Express as its corporate payments partner," said David Maxsimic, executive VP Sales and Marketing at Wright Express. "The companion card we developed for AirPlus adds considerable value for their customers in the form of data combination and the amount of data available."