FORT LEE, N.J. --- Dozens of drivers found themselves stranded on the Garden State Parkway on Thursday, April 17, after filling up their vehicles with a bad batch of gasoline from nearby stations, the Star Ledger newspaper reported.

"Apparently, a tanker truck brought a shipment of bad gas," Parkway spokesman Joe Orlando told the newspaper.

About 25 vehicles stalled that evening on the Parkway and nearby exit ramps after purchasing gas at Lukoil stations. At the same time cars were breaking down on the Parkway, several others stalled as they entered the Palisades Interstate Parkway in Fort Lee after filling up at Lukoil stations.

Lukoil has said it will pay for the repairs of affected motorists. As it turns out, the gasoline was contaminated with water.

George Wilkins, a spokesman for Lukoil Americas Corp., said: "Our company experienced water contamination issues at six northern New Jersey stations," which were caused by "excessive concentrations of water in storage tanks at an exchange partner's terminal," the Star-Ledger reported.


The Lukoil spokesman said the problem occurred while terminal operators were converting winter-grade gasoline to summer-grade specifications, which "may have caused water at the tank bottom to infiltrate product delivered to our stations."

At least 63 vehicles were given the contaminated fuel.

Affected motorists can be reimbursed for repairs by calling (877) 858-9962.