STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Volvo Trucks is now introducing Volvo I-Sync — a new automated transmission for the Volvo FL distribution truck. I-Sync is basically a manual gearbox that has been supplemented with software for automatic handling of gearchanges. Just like I-Shift, I-Sync combines the manual gearbox’s operating reliability and low weight with the automatic transmission’s driving comfort. However, while I-Shift has been developed for heavy transport operations, I-Sync was tailored for local distribution applications.


“I-Sync is optimized to match our 7-liter engine and to give comfortable and smooth gearchanges in city traffic, where frequent stop-start progress is the norm,” said Clara Werner Floberg, product manager for the Volvo FL at Volvo Trucks. “Apart from the fact that the actual gearchanging process is handled automatically, I-Sync is also easy to operate. In distribution applications it is common for drivers to drive different trucks from one day to the next. In such a situation, it is important that they can all quickly master the function so as to do their jobs in an efficient and safe way.”

The optimized gearchanging also means that fuel consumption is kept at a low level, as also are emissions of climate-impacting carbon dioxide and other substances. Volvo expects that customer costs for maintenance and repairs will be able to be reduced as a result of lower wear. The service intervals are the same as for the manual gearboxes, and the gearbox oil only needs to be replaced every 300,000 kilometers.

Volvo I-Sync facts:


  • Automated transmission with 6 forward ratios.
  • Tailored for Volvo’s D7 240 and 280 hp engines in Euro 4 configuration.
  • Maximum torque 1050 Nm.
  • Oil-change interval 300,000 km.
  • Available for the Volvo FL in distribution configuration for gross vehicle weights of 12 to 18 tons and gross combination weight of 26 tons.