SAN DIEGO – Vehiclepath has made GPS fleet tracking available to handheld devices like a PDA or cell phone with browser capabilities. This new feature allows fleet managers to view their fleets from the road.

"The ability to view vehicle locations on a mobile device provides a great benefit to our fleet customers when they're out of the office. They can quickly see whether a driver has completed a service call, made a delivery, or is stuck at a customer location," said Mark Wells, President and CEO of Vehiclepath. "Fleet managers shouldn't be tied down to the office. The data should be readily available to them in the field."

Being able to track vehicle locations via a mobile device is something Vehiclepath customers have been requesting for the past few months. Customers can log in via and select the vehicle they want to track. They can see the last 50 locations along with the date, time, address, speed, and whether the vehicle is moving or stopped.

If a vehicle is stolen, fleets can track the location of the vehicle from anywhere. They don't have to wait until they get back to the office or to their home computer. With a few clicks, they will know their vehicle's location.