PITTSBURGH – PPG Industries is showcasing its automotive glass technology for the trucking industry in booth 17228 at the 37th Annual Mid-American Truck Show, Mar. 27-29, at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky.

"Truckers must remain alert and respond quickly as they face a range of driving conditions," said Mukesh Rustagi, global product manager, PPG Automotive Glass and Services. "Their safety and that of their fellow travelers depends on their skills. Long hours of driving, loading, and unloading cargo and an irregular schedule can create strain and fatigue for drivers. Our Sungate windshields and Safe and Sound automotive glass have characteristics that can help reduce driver fatigue and provide additional benefits."

By reflecting the sun's infrared (heat) energy away from the vehicle, the Sungate windshield keeps the cabin interior cooler. The cabin is therefore more comfortable upon entering and reaches a comfortable level sooner when the air conditioner is powered on. Also, recent testing by the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory showed Sungate windshields have an economic impact, increasing vehicle fuel efficiency up to four percent in mid-size vehicles. The glass is currently used on several Mercedes-Benz and BMW models.

Safe and Sound glass, composed of two pieces of glass laminated with a plastic interlayer, replaces tempered glass in applications such as door windows. Because the glass absorbs sound energy, Safe and Sound glass windows help keep the cabin environment quieter by reducing road noise. Also, a Safe and Sound glass window will remain intact if broken, unlike standard tempered glass, keeping the truck cabin more secure. Safe and Sound glass windows also block more than 98 percent of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, acting as a sunscreen.