FRANCE – Gianluca Soma has been appointed chief executive officer of ALD International. He succeeds Jean Claude Renaud, who has retired after 15 years at ALD Automotive.

Soma started his career in 1984 in management consulting with Ernst & Young and then Telos. From 1994 to 1997 he was head of European Sales and Services for Hyperion Software Group, prior to joining GE Capital in 1997. In 1999 he was appointed CEO of Dial Italy, a subsidiary of Barclays Group. He joined Hertz Lease Italy as CEO in 2000. Following the purchase of Hertz Lease by ALD in 2002, Soma contributed to the brand's development. At ALD Automotive, he served as group regional director and later group deputy CEO. Soma has also been chairman of the Italian long-term and short-term rental association (ANIASA), from 2005–2007.

Pascal Serres has been appointed deputy chief executive officer of ALD International. Serres began his career as a consultant in macro-economics for Latin-American and African governments. He joined Société Générale in 1988 as deputy chief economist. In 1991 he was appointed managing director of Sogelease UK and in 1993 chief executive officer of Fiditalia, a leader in the consumer credit business in Italy. He joined ALD International in 2000, where he was a regional director until 2003 and then director of Sales and Marketing.

Tim Albertsen has been appointed chief operating officer of ALD International. Albertsen started his career with Avis, where he worked as operation manager and then general manager for Denmark. In 1997, he joined Axus Denmark as managing director. Following the acquisition of Axus by ALD Automotive, he was appointed Regional Director in 2003. The Executive Committee of ALD International includes Gianluca Soma, Pascal Serres, Tim Albertsen, Mike Masterson (Chief Finance Officer) and Laurent Hallermeier (Chief Information Officer).

ALD International is a subsidiary of Société Générale Group specialized in operational car leasing and fleet management, within the Specialized Financial Services Division, headed by Jean-François Gautier. Present in 39 countries, ALD International operates a fleet of more than 730,000 vehicles.