TREVOSE, PA – The CEI Group, Inc. (CEI) has added an administrator note entry capability to DriverCare Risk Manager, its online fleet risk management service. The enhancement enables administrators to document supplemental critical events by entering notes in any driver’s electronic file that they are authorized to access, including:

 · Explanations for discarding or changing events in a driver’s records.

 · Explanations for entering additional events on a driver’s records.

 · Conversations with problem drivers.

 · Training prescribed beyond the norms built into DriverCare protocols.

 · Management comments following ‘drive-alongs.’

To enter or view a note, authorized users just have to click the Driver Notes button on the toolbar in any driver’s detail page.

“This capability makes it possible for administrators to enter critical commentary and explanations that go beyond the automated data processing built into DriverCare Risk Manager,” said Ed Corbally, CEI director of safety and risk services.

DriverCare Risk Manager extracts key predictors of driver risk, identifies at-risk drivers, and automatically sends notifications of critical information, all at a user’s desktop. Other safety products from CEI include DriverCare Quarterly, a printed driving safety newsletter, DriverCare Web-Based Training, and DriverCare mvrComplete, a full-service motor vehicle reports management service.