MASON CITY, Iowa --- Metalcraft recently announced availability of its RFID Windshield Tag designed to deliver long read range at lower cost for customers automating vehicle access control to gated communities, secured parking and other areas.

Metalcraft’s standardized RFID Windshield Tag is a four-inch by one-inch adhesive label engineered to provide a read range over 18 feet using a passive KSW Windshield RFID inlay.

Specifically developed by KSW Microtec to be read through windshields, the KSW Windshield inlay does not require a foam standoff like many other windshield tag designs.

Metalcraft’s construction encapsulates the inlay between thin layers of polypropylene, adding a bar code and human readable information to one side and a windshield-compatible adhesive to the other. This encapsulation process protects the inlay and reduces the effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD) while the windshield-compatible adhesive protects against the harmful UV rays.

"Like most of our RFID products, Metalcraft’s RFID Windshield Tag product was born from the development of a custom RFID solution for a demanding ID application," said Metalcraft President Steve Doerfler. "We've seen the accuracy and security that RFID can deliver in access control, and we’re confident the RFID Windshield Tag delivers a lot of value."