PRINCETON, N.J. – ALK Technologies, Inc., a developer of GPS navigation, routing, mileage, and mapping software for businesses and consumers, has launched CoPilot Live 11, a full-featured trip-planning and GPS navigation system for Windows laptops. CopPilot Live 11 features redesigned step-by-step address entry, new clear and colorful 2D and 3D map views, and navigation-based services like real-time traffic.


CoPilot Live core features include a choice of map views and a driver safety view so drivers can keep their eyes on the road and simply rely on its voice guidance. User’s have the ability to enter up to 50 addresses and optimally route all for the most efficient trip. Multi-stop trips are calculated in seconds, and the instant detour feature will automatically generate a new route if you miss a turn. CoPilot will provide travelers with an updated estimated time of arrival (ETA) throughout the trip, along with the remaining distance to their destination.

CoPilot Live Laptop 11 new features include:

· RV routing with 12’6 & 13’ height clearance options, propane, scenic, quickest, shortest, and toll avoidance.


· More than 6 million new points-of-interest, including phone numbers.


· Clear, spoken directions with street names.


· Simplified user interface with large buttons and easy destination entry.


· Customize the map color theme with a choice of familiar and fun styles.


· Set and save the types of roads you want CoPilot Live to navigate.


· Enter multiple destinations, mark waypoints, adjust routing options, and preview your trip before you hit the road.


Navigation-based services offered through CoPilot Live include real-time traffic, premium points-of-interest, two-way messaging, and personalized tracking invitation services. It also features updated ALK Premium Map Data including highways, highway exits, streets, addresses, and points-of-interest. 

ALK’s Premium Map Data includes more than 7 million miles of roadway throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and more than 125 million addresses nationwide in the United States. CoPilot Live supports destination entry by address, ZIP code, POI, Latitude Longitude, and by directly picking a location on the map itself.

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