TROY, Mich. --- TireStamp Corp. has introduced an intelligent tire management system for commercial fleet operators who are plagued with trailer tire problems.

Trailer tires are the least maintained tires on a tractor-trailer rig due to their general lack of driver attention and restricted availability for inspection and maintenance. As a result, trailer tires comprise 75 percent of enroute tire failures caused by underinflation and penetrating objects. This impacts fleets not only in their tire budgets but also in fuel consumption, TireStamp said.

TireVigil InTow can continuously monitor trailer tires. Using tire data collected from tire pressure sensors and wireless technology, the system transmits data via trailer asset management telematics devices to TireVigil in-house servers. TireVigil's tire management software can alert the fleet manager about critical trailer tire information via an Internet-accessible computer at anytime and anywhere.

Fleet trailer tire data are thoroughly analyzed. Reports are generated on tire pressure, temperature and maintenance performance. Standard or customized management reports can be generated by tire type, trailer type, maintenance facility and other analytical metrics. This gives managers accurate, actionable and timely tire information that can directly translate to dollar savings and improved operator safety, the company said.

TireVigil InTow is a subscription-based service available through leading telematics suppliers, OEMs and systems integrators throughout the United States and Canada.


Originally posted on Fleet Financials