SPARKS, MD – PHH Arval achieved a significant milestone in December 2007 with the transmission of its 3 millionth electronic notification through its award-winning notification service according to company officials.

PHH uses its notification service to proactively communicate business critical issues and action items to clients, suppliers, and individual fleet drivers.

This technology ensures that clients receive the information they need when they need it, according to the company. PHH has offered automated notifications to its clients since 2003 and continues to build this functionality based on changing technology and client and driver needs. The company received the CIO Enterprise Value Award in 2005 for this use of information technology.

Fleet managers can have the notifications customized for their fleets and select the appropriate method and format for receiving information (for example, email, regular mail, or fax), as well as have critical messages automatically forwarded to additional channels. The system also utilizes fail-safes that automatically detect messages that do not reach their intended recipients, and re-routes and re-sends them.

PHH’s notification service is currently used for key fleet management functions, such as Registration Renewals, Motor Vehicle Records, Mileage Reporting, Online Vehicle Ordering, Preventive Maintenance and Used Vehicle Sales.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials