HORSHAM, Pa. --– AAMCO, a major/national car service chain, will be the first in the nation to offer retrofit for fleet vehicles (for starters), at service dealers nationwide, with an EPA-certified fuel conversion kit allowing the fleet cars to run on ethanol. This will be offered at every shop across the country eventually, with a major ethanol conversion system maker.

The first kit is certified for the most common fleet vehicles: the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car. Because these vehicles are most common in police, taxi, and livery fleets, as well as city, state, and federal government motor pools, it creates an opportunity for businesses and govern¬ment agencies to save money and “go green” simultaneously.

The kit allows fleet operators to fill up on E-85, E-20, E-10 or pure gasoline.

AAMCO will also offer Eco-Green Tune-Up services, including offering a lifetime air filter and an extended life oil filter to reduce landfills; synthetic oil to avoid the use of limited natural resources; and platinum spark plugs that help burn fuel efficiently. And special checks of engine control sensors assure the highest possible mileage. Not only is the tune-up environmentally friendly, it makes economic sense as the new tune-up extends traditional service intervals by five times, the company said.

The centers will also introduce Eco-Green Auto Service Certification, a new program designed to protect the environment, reduce vehicle emissions, and promote alternative fuels among the number of motorists they serve annually. Eco-Green Auto Service Certification will be awarded to qualifying centers across America based on a stringent set of criteria that reduces the centers’ environmental footprint, while giving customers a new range of services that cut emissions, improve mileage, and reduce the hazardous waste associated with owning and maintaining their vehicles.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials