SANTA CLARA, Calif. --- CarShield, which provides automotive safety and information services, announced its company launch. The company's self-contained CarShield device, using proprietary vehicle analytic tools and wireless Internet connectivity, plugs easily into a vehicle's standard diagnostic port to provide real-time data analysis and delivery. "Our vision and goal is to empower the individual automobile owner with an easy-to-use and affordable solution that provides valuable, real-time diagnostic information about their vehicle's operating condition, location and many other convenience services," said David Lepejian, CarShield's CEO. Unlike OnStar, CarShield works with all car makes and models. CarShield's Web and mobile phone interface provides: • Remote early diagnostic warnings --- Service and safety warnings via text, e-mail or phone relating to engine health, battery status, tire pressure and more • Remote smog check --- Eliminates the need for visiting a smog check station, saving time and money • Emergency support --- Sends roadside assistance and unlocks vehicle doors when keys are locked inside the car • Monitoring --- Provides e-mail/text notification when vehicle leaves a designated area or exceeds pre-defined speed limits • Theft protection --- Unauthorized movement alert/vehicle theft tracking • Vehicle tracking and location: GPS satellite and Web interface display where the vehicle has been, and when it arrived and departed specific locations. CarShield's device taps five essential technologies: GPS, wireless communication, predictive diagnostics, computing intelligence and Internet access to enable the owner of any make or model vehicle manufactured after 1995 to monitor, analyze and disseminate a variety of onboard information. The unit doesn't require professional installation. CarShield enables a two-way communication between owner and vehicle by relaying information in real time through the Internet, a PDA or mobile phone. CarShield monitors all essential engine functions and sends alerts via e-mail, text or phone regarding any irregularity in the vehicle's electrical and fuel systems, battery health or tire pressure so that CarShield owners know about potential problems in advance. "CarShield can be configured in a number of ways, including sending out a text message when an equipped car goes over a certain speed or wanders out of a specific geographical area," said James Jefferies, CarShield's vice president of sales.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials