LOS ANGELES – A fleet of gas-friendly vehicles from Chevrolet will bring an eco-friendly presence to the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards on Sunday, February 10 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, according to General Motors.

As the “official vehicle of the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards,” Chevrolet will provide both Hybrid and FlexFuel E-85 ethanol SUVs to transport talent to the Awards telecast and other GRAMMY Week events. In addition, Chevrolet will “electrify” the red carpet with a show-stopping display of the extended-range electric vehicle Chevy Volt Concept car.

This marks the first time a “fuel-friendly” fleet of vehicles this size has been partnered with, and branded for a major awards show. The GRAMMY Fleet of Chevy vehicles will consist of a mix of 100 Tahoe Hybrids and FlexFuel E85 ethanol Tahoe and Suburban SUVs. GRAMMY presenters, performers and VIPs will not only arrive at their destinations in a fuel-efficient way, but also in grand style with each vehicle being customized with exterior GRAMMY badging.

“This is an unprecedented venture for an automotive manufacturer to provide a fleet of so many ‘fuel-friendly’ vehicles at a major awards show,” said Jay Flaherty, regional divisional marketing manager for Chevrolet in GM’s Western Region. “We’re delighted to celebrate our partnership with the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards by providing fuel-friendly transportation for the music industry’s hottest talent.”

The Chevy Tahoe Hybrid – which was recently named Green Car Journal’s 2008 Green Car of the Year – is one of two all-new hybrid models for 2008 (the other being the Malibu Hybrid sedan) featuring the affordable GM Hybrid System.

The Tahoe Hybrid boasts vastly improved fuel economy over its gasoline-only sibling, thanks in large part to a state-of-the-art hybrid system using GM’s all-new Electrically Variable Transmission (EVT), as well as Active Fuel Management and specific aerodynamic aids and lighter components. The Tahoe Hybrid 2WD achieves EPA city fuel economy of 21 miles per gallon, equal to the city fuel economy of the four-cylinder 2008 Toyota Camry.

Biofuels such as E-85 ethanol have tremendous potential to help offset the world’s growing energy demands, and General Motors offers more FlexFuel E-85 ethanol-capable models than any other brand (GM currently has 2.5 million FlexFuel E-85 ethanol vehicles on the road). FlexFuel E-85 ethanol vehicles – like the Tahoe and Silverado – can run on either gasoline or E-85 ethanol – a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline – or a combination of both. The Chevy Volt Concept sedan is powered by GM’s E-Flex electric propulsion system and exhibits the potential to greatly reduce trips to the gas station for many commuters, as well as reduce C02 emissions. More than 75 percent of drivers in the United States commute fewer than 40 miles a day, and for these drivers a fully-charged Chevy Volt will use no gas and produce no tailpipe emissions. It is easily recharged by plugging into a common 110-volt electrical outlet.

The show is scheduled to be broadcast live by the CBS Television Network at 8 p.m. (ET/PT), supported on radio via Westwood One worldwide, and covered on the Internet at http://GRAMMY.com.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials