MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada --- The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and CAA-Quebec presented Lexus of Canada with the CAA Pyramid Award for Safety Innovations during a special presentation at the Montreal International Auto Show. "CAA's Pyramid Award judges were extremely impressed with Lexus' innovation again this year," said CAA President Tim Shearman. "They see the Advanced Pre-Collision System (APCS) as a tremendous contribution towards increasing the safety of Canadians on the road by decreasing the number and severity of accidents that occur." The presentation of the 2008 Pyramid Award for Safety occurred today during the opening ceremonies of the Montreal Auto Show. "The Pyramid Awards were developed to recognize innovation in support of traffic safety and protecting Canadian motorists and travelers", said Sophie Gagnon, director of public and government relations for CAA-Quebec. The APCS is innovative because it not only looks outside the vehicle to identify any potential threat, but also looks inside the car to ensure that drivers are aware of any potential threat to their safety. "When automobile manufacturers develop or improve upon vehicle safety features, they deserve recognition for their achievements," Gagnon said. "This year, we are pleased to recognize Lexus Canada for pushing the envelope of crash avoidance technology." APCS uses a millimeter-wave radar system and stereo camera to detect and identify people, animals and other potential obstacles in front of the vehicle. The system also employs a surveillance system to monitor driver attention. "When we introduced the all-new Lexus LS 600h L, we focused on making our most prestigious hybrid flagship one of the most technologically advanced, from fuel efficiency and reduced emissions to leading safety initiatives," explained Yves Gionet, director of Lexus in Canada. "The Lexus Advanced Pre-Collision System in this model is helping to chart a course for technologies of the future. This system, the first of its kind in North America, goes beyond rapid response to actually predict situations and implement actions to protect the driver and passengers." Any company that sells or manufactures vehicles in Canada is eligible for the CAA Pyramid Awards for either a single initiative or a collection of initiatives that improve traffic safety or demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials