WAYNE, PA – Traffic.com, a NAVTEQ company, has unveiled a beta version of a “fastest drive now” feature available at www.traffic.com. Traffic.com now provides commuters the ability to obtain simultaneous results for address-to-address drives and traffic optimized drives. Drivers across the United States can now obtain point A-to-B travel information needed to make the best decisions about when to leave and the fastest drive to take. Traffic.com solutions are free to consumers.

Traffic.com users begin checking their drive times by entering a point A origin and point B destination address. Site visitors instantly obtain their basic directions-based drive information as well as an alternate traffic optimized “fastest drive now” that takes into account the current traffic and traffic trending conditions along the way. An accompanying interactive traffic map provides color-coded highlighted drives, pinpointed accident, construction, and event icons, as well as surrounding red, yellow, and green real-time traffic flow on area roadways.

With the ability to compare the side-by-side basic drive and traffic optimized drive information, users can assess the real-time conditions and select their best possible drive at that moment. Also provided with the beta release is dynamic interactive drive editing giving users the ability to instantly create custom drive time information by clicking and moving highlighted drives to alternate roadways on the map.

The Traffic.com “fastest drive” functionality is powered by NAVTEQ Map and NAVTEQ Traffic data and leverages a variety of industry tools, it allows users to:
  • Input of A-to-B addresses on the site homepage and traffic content.
  • Compare directions-based drive times with traffic optimized fastest drives using current drive times, at speed limit drive times, and total delay times.
  • Get total distance in miles for A-to-B fastest drives and direct drives.
  • Drag-and-drop map editing to create custom drive time information.
  • Obtain A-to-B directions for all drives.
  • Save drives and create MyTraffic custom alerts to be sent by email, voice, or SMS.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials