LAS VEGAS --- Connexis announced it is collaborating with BMW Group and WirelessCar to develop the Next Generation Telematics Protocol (NGTP), an open approach to implementing in-vehicle telematics services. Connexis, which works with automakers to deliver telematics services, made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show. NGTP is aimed at making in-vehicle telematics more flexible and scalable. The company is dedicating a year of research and development to the NGTP project. The resulting technology is expected to make new and updated in-vehicle telematics possible. "Connexis's collaboration with BMW on the new protocol is part of the company's commitment to supporting the advancement of the telematics industry," said Bruno Simon, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Connexis. In-vehicle technology options, especially safety features, are increasingly important to drivers and government authorities worldwide, the company said. Better and more affordable safety options for drivers --- as well as expanded market opportunities for service and content providers --- are two of Connexis's long-term goals.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials