PRINCETON, N.J. – NAFA Fleet Management Association recently unveiled its new logo, which will serve as the foundation of its visual identity for years to come.

The new logo is comprised of two distinct elements: the NAFA name and the NAFA symbol. Combined, the two elements embody the soul and spirit of NAFA Fleet Management Association: Dynamic, Confident, Optimistic, Honest, and Real.

The NAFA name, according to the association, has a strong, bold presentation representing NAFA's heritage and the confident approach to the way they conduct business. The name clearly delineates NAFA as the association for the entire fleet management profession. It personifies that they are “Fleet Solutions for Fleet Professionals.”

The NAFA symbol, or “swoosh” below the name, represents not only the obvious roadway on which all our members’ fleets conduct their business, but more importantly shows the association’s movement into the future.

“When members, affiliates, and the fleet industry see our logo, they will recognize the mark as something they have previously known and associated with NAFA,” said NAFA President Gayle Pratt, manager of purchasing and fleet services, Ecolab, Inc. “Similarly, when customers see our logo on a brochure or printed piece, they know that the services provided will be consistent with characteristics and qualities with which they have become familiar.”

NAFA has set quality and characteristic standards that must be upheld when using the logo. Please visit the NAFA website or contact Joanne Marsh, NAFA’s Director of Marketing & Communications, for a complete set of standards.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials