LOS ANGELES - Global Mobile Alert Corporation, a Los Angeles-based mobile resource company, developed and was issued a Patent on December 11, Patent No. 7,308,247 for the first mobile alerting system in the United States, MyMobile Alert, which uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) chip embedded in a cell phone. Demetrius Thompson came up with the idea while a Seattle resident after being struck twice by drivers talking on cell phones.

When a driver is talking on a mobile phone and approaches within 100 yards of a stoplight, the system emits a distinct intermittent chirp during the driver's conversation, alerting them to pay attention. The system is designed to help restore full concentration seven to 10 seconds before reaching an intersection according to Thompson.

Marketing consultant and legislative liaison, Randy Anderson of Marketing Enterprises in Bethesda, Md., said, “I have been with the project for a decade. The reckless use of cell phones while driving is proving deadlier by the day; one young tenacious inventor is doing something about that. As a victim of a distracted driver and nearly losing his life, Demetrius Thompson is a driven entrepreneur whose motivation is to save lives. Every parent who has a love one with a driver’s license should be thinking of MyMobile Alert.”

Anderson further points out that, “Thompson is determined to have his alert software in every cell phone that is installed in automobiles. He has it, it works, and it will save lives.”

Crusaders who have targeted the multi-billion dollar cell phone community may convince legislators to impose harsh safety measures from State to State that could cost the telecomm giants a fortune. One way to synergize responsible solutions is to establish alliances with other industries such as automobile manufacturers, insurance companies, and fleets which have a vested interest.

“The rising availability of GPS on mobile handsets, combined with the efforts of such organizations as the GMA, provides an opportunity to make users safer and more efficient,” said Darren Koenig, wireless and Internet markets director of global digital map and content provider Tele Atlas of Lebanon, NH.

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Originally posted on Fleet Financials