ITASCA, IL – EMKAY, Inc., a nationwide full-service fleet leasing and management company, announced the launch of the Fleet Industry’s first online tool for auctions/wholesale dealers to view web-based vehicle maintenance history.

“Our innovative technology solution is available through an internet site for all auctions/wholesale dealers,” stated Dave Nagy, Emkay vice president fleet assets. “Vehicles on our maintenance management program display website stickers on the windshield along with having a preprinted hardcopy of the maintenance history attached to the vehicle at time of sale. Our new service is provided free of charge for all our customers. Industry data indicates that the sale price of a maintenance program unit will lift the sold price by over $250.”

Search by Vehicle VIN #
When considering the purchase of a used car or truck, the vehicle's maintenance history can tell an important story. Vehicles going through the auction lanes that were a part of Emkay's maintenance program can have their entire service history shown with the click of a button. By entering a vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number, site users/buyers can search for any vehicle and see for themselves important maintenance information that should help make the used car buying decision easier.

Search by Auction Location
The process is simple and easy to where as users/dealers can search vehicle auctions if they are looking for Emkay vehicles, but do not know the VIN. To view a list of all vehicle auctions, it is simple as they are all listed alphabetically in a dropdown menu. Users can click on the specific auction (i.e. in a given city) they would like to see. After selecting the desired auction/auction they are planning to buy from, a list of Emkay vehicles are displayed enabling the view of the maintenance history report.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials