CHICAGO – NAVTEQ, a global provider of digital map data for location-based solutions and vehicle navigation, announces the expansion of posted speed limits and launch of road side warnings. This new content enables improved routing and navigation by taking into account changing speed limits as well as curves and hills when calculating the route. In addition, the 21 different road side warnings such as sharp curve ahead, steep hill, or no overtaking ahead can be used to provide a notification to drivers about the static road environment.

"Our consumer research indicates that speed advisory is a top feature that a driver is looking for when purchasing a navigation system," said Bruno Bourguet, vice president and general manager, vehicle applications.

Road side warning information assists drivers' in a dynamic road environment by providing them advance warning of potentially hazardous situations. For example, while traveling along a major thoroughfare, the speed limit may decrease dramatically when approaching a cityeed limit alerts can not only inform the driver to this change but also advise when the speed returns to a higher limit. In addition, a driver can be informed about an upcoming hill, curve, or lane merge.

These same attributes can aid in route optimization taking into account steep slopes where travel will be slower. "Speed limits and road side warning functionality allows the fleet manager to calculate optimum routes enhancing on-time deliveries," said Eric Fumat, vice president and general manager, Enterprise and Government Sales. "What may look like the fastest route on a map may in fact be the longest, if the route spends the majority of the time cutting through mountains."

The NAVTEQ Map posted speed limits include 100 percent of major highways in the United States, Western Europe, eighteen Eastern Europe countries, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. Also included in the map are select secondary and arterial roads.

NAVTEQ road side warning information includes 21 sign types — including protected overtaking, no overtaking, lane merge, railway crossing, curve warnings, steep hills, winding roads, lateral winds — posted on major highways in most Western European countries.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials