AUBURN HILLS, MI – The garden variety Audi R8 supercar is already fast enough as is, but it still wasn't fast enough for Motoren-Technik-Mayer (MTM), according to Mobile Magazine. They've decided to build their own version of the R8 for the Dubai Motor with 888 base horsepower.

MTM is based out of Germany and it is the same firm that was responsible for creating the twin-engine 740hp Audi TT Bimoto. Their take on the Audi R8 isn't a far cry from the regular R8 in terms of outward cosmetics, but they've added a specialized turbocharger system to the 4.2L V8, bumping the horsepower to 888 and the torque to 641 lbs.-ft.

With this modification, the R8 is now capable of doing the 0-60mph run in 3.0 seconds flat before topping out at 223mph. MTM has christened this as the Audi R888 and it's a one-off creation for an unnamed European customer.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials