LONG BEACH, CA – Alliance Inspection Management (AiM), a third-party automotive inspection company that handles both new and used cars, has contracted with ServicePower to deploy the company’s ServicePower and ServiceMobility (developed jointly with KonaWare) routing and dispatch solution on Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 rugged laptops.

According to AiM Chief Operating Officer Robert Clucas, ServicePower’s CRM tools helped determine “the where and the how many” when the company first distributed its technicians across the United States. Now, ServicePower’s solution dynamically routes roughly 100 inspectors, performing around 9,000 inspections per month, and collects route progress and job status information from technicians via the GPS-enabled ToughBooks (which also provide turn-by-turn directions). If a technician is delayed, ServicePower automatically recalculates schedules and redistributes workloads to maintain inspection appointments.

“We’re able to tell [lessees] pretty much exactly when we’re going to be there,” Clucas said. He also noted that ServicePower’s detailed real-time reporting is a useful management tool. “It’s so visual, you can see at a glance where your problems are.”

Assuming a 20-percent increase in efficiency from the system, AiM reached a positive ROI within two months of the launch.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials