REDWOOD SHORES, CA – GreenRoad Technologies Inc., a leader in driver safety technologies, announced the Web site, a new initiative which promises early adopters of GreenRoad SafetyCenter that they will see a 50 percent reduction in risky driver behavior over a six-month pilot period. The program provides a no-risk opportunity for fleets to quickly reduce their accident rates. GreenRoad SafetyCenter has been proven to reduce fleet accidents by an average of 54 percent and reduce associated accident costs by up to 83 percent.

SafetyCenter, GreenRoad’s flagship offering, reduces fleet accidents by combining in-vehicle driver feedback with integrated web reporting for an advanced approach that rates driving skills without invading the driver’s privacy or tracking location. SafetyCenter works through a sensor in the vehicle that detects driver skill and safety in categories such as: speed, braking, acceleration, lane-handling and turning. The sensor automatically generates a safety analysis for each driver that can be viewed on the Web to show overall safety level and detailed information about areas that need improvement.

The GreenRoad Fleet Safety Challenge includes installation of the SafetyCenter in-vehicle hardware, ongoing risk consulting, custom analysis, Internet applications, measurement of results and product support, all for one inclusive price. At the end of the six month pilot period, GreenRoad guarantees that fleet driver risk will be reduced by 50 percent, or customers will be under no further obligation to continue the program.

“We are offering this incentive to potential customers because of the success we are having with SafetyCenter,” said Dan Steere, GreenRoad CEO. “Our technology is able to save fleets a significant amount of money by reducing accidents, and this program gives fleets the opportunity to see results without a long-term risk.”

Originally posted on Fleet Financials