DES PLAINES, IL – Wheels, Inc. has added new capabilities for developing and storing customized vehicle specifications and quotes within its FleetView online fleet management tool. FleetView enables easy online transactions, such as vehicle ordering and driver data changes, and provides access to fleet-related information and reports.

According to Sheryl Sawyer, Wheels director of vehicle acquisitions, “First, our customers really like the flow of the current online ordering process and wanted minimal deviation from that process. However, they wanted to be notified about any changes in pricing and manufacturer specifications from the original quote. In addition, customers wanted the ability to easily share this information with others in their organizations since most quotes are generated for one-off vehicle requests and require approval at additional organizational levels.”

Focusing on these customer preferences, Wheels built the new quote functionality to follow the same flow as the ordering process. There is no requirement to decide upfront whether the customer is building a quote or actually placing an order since either function is supported at any point in the process. And, each time a saved quote is accessed, a comparison to the previous quote which includes any changes in price or options along with a side-by-side view of the changes is automatically generated. The overall design means that a quote can be quickly transformed into a real order and vehicle specifications and price sheet can be e-mailed to any stakeholders directly from the Wheels system.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials