NEW YORK CITY – According to a report by the New York Daily News, few taxi riders are utilizing touch screens in the taxis. The screen feature maps with GPS technology, weather updates, stock tables, Zagat restaurant reviews and nonstop ads for New Yorkers on the go.

While the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) said the new technology will be a boon to passengers, union cabbies are threatening to strike again on Monday to protest the city’s demand that their taxis have the devices, which they say rob them of their already paltry profits and ruin their tips.

A Daily News reporter went out on the road with 42-year-old cabbie Michael Hall of Brooklyn to see whether the devices are as good as the TLC claims.

Taxi riders’ opinions were across the board. One passenger was given an inaccurate weather report while using the device. However, another passenger found a discount ad for the Guggenheim Museum, which he planned to use. Another rider said the screen was “entertaining and informative.” Other passengers were too busy to take in the sites to even look at the screen.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials