TROOPER, PA – Advanced Driver Training Services (ADTS) has launched a new online training course designed to help organizations reduce the incidence of impaired driving among business drivers and the associated liability risk. The new Impaired Driving course is one of three Web-based courses now offered by ADTS, enabling business drivers to improve their driver safety skills through convenient training programs accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week via the Internet.

The Impaired Driving course takes a proactive approach to educating business drivers about the dangers of operating a vehicle after drinking alcohol or taking drugs, including many prescription and over-the-counter medications. Course participants learn about the business and social situations in which a responsible person may become an impaired driver simply by making poor decisions, as well as the many ways in which alcohol affects the physical and cognitive skills needed to drive safely.

The course provides practical alternatives to impaired driving and also teaches participants how to spot and avoid other drivers who may be under the influence. The multi-media Impaired Driving course combines video, audio, and computer animations with a full-length test at the completion of the course to measure retention of key concepts. A variety of administrator reports make it easy for fleet and safety managers to track driver participation in the course, as well as participant test scores.

ADTS online training courses offer a convenient, efficient method for training business drivers on key safety topics that can help reduce the incidence of crashes and the associated costs. Other online courses available include:

  • Principles of Safe Driving, which explains how to use visual scanning techniques and escape routes, maintain a safe following distance, and minimize dangerous distractions.

  • Types of Collisions, which teaches drivers how to prevent and avoid the three most common types of crashes – rear-end, parking lot, and intersection collisions.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials