TREVOSE, PA – The CEI Group, Inc., an international provider of driver safety and fleet risk management services, hosted a workgroup of its DriverCare customers at a two-day symposium.

Topics discussed during the meeting, held Jul. 31–Aug. 1 included:

  • Comparative fleet safety performance measurements.

  • Driver safety program best practices.

  • Effective communication initiatives to promote safety.

  • Engaging senior and middle-level management support.

  • Pre-hire screening and minimal hiring standards.

  • Safety accountability in employee performance reviews.

  • Recommendations for future enhancements to the DriverCare Web-based risk management application.

    CEI’s DriverCare risk management application identifies high-risk drivers with a proprietary analytical database tool based on driver behaviors, and automatically assigns remedial safety training tailored to each driver’s specific weaknesses when their risk scores pass critical client-defined thresholds. In addition, lessons can also be assigned pro-actively as part of an ongoing driver-training curriculum.

    DriverCare customers in attendance included: Theresa Belding and Deborah Burns of Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc; Jonathan Kamanns of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Evelyn Roberts, of GlaxoSmithKline; Wilton Carr, Jr. and Mary Beth Rose of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals; Ryan Rebman of Ecolab, Inc.; Brian Fleck of PPG Industries, Inc. and Joseph LaRosa of Bristol-Myers Squibb.

    The next DriverCare User’s Group meeting is planned for summer 2008.

  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials