AMSTERDAM – Mobileye’s advanced Lane Departure Warning (LDW) technology will be available as an option on the 2008 Cadillac STS, Cadillac DTS, and the 2008 Buick Lucerne. Engineered for General Motors by technology partners Mobileye and Magna Electronics, the system is designed to function as a “virtual rumble strip,” alerting distracted or fatigued drivers with an audible warning when they are in danger of crossing a lane marking. According to statistics from the U.S. Transportation Research Board, approximately 40 percent of all road fatalities occur when a single vehicle leaves the road and crashes. Rumble strips have reduced lane departure fatalities by up to 90 percent, and at times even more, according to Mobileye. The Mobileye LDW technology is based on a windscreen-mounted high dynamic range digital CMOS camera, which collects real-time road images that are then processed and analyzed by Mobileye’s unique vision system-on-chip, Mobileye EyeQT. Mobileye’s advanced algorithm technology for video-based lane marking recognition powers the analysis. Both technology and system were tested extensively over the past few years on a wide range of weather conditions, roads, and lane marking types unique to different markets. Rather than being intrusive, the system only activates if a driver does not use a turn signal and appears at risk of an unintentional, potentially dangerous maneuver. While most other systems require lane markings on both sides of the road, Mobileye’s LDW technology for General Motors offers one of the few systems worldwide that only requires a single lane marking to function. It can also detect construction areas or other situations where lane markings are ambiguous. The GM LDW vision system warns of potential lane departure by providing an audio alert, emitted from the vehicle’s sound system, according to the direction of the deviation. The audio warning is combined with a visual indication, both urging drivers to correct their steering, and keep their vehicle in the lane. A display in the instrument cluster shows when the system is on and the existence of lane markings.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials