DETROIT --- The 2008 Cadillac DTS features two new available safety technologies: GM's lane departure warning system and GM's side blind zone alert system. The former is designed to help drivers avert a collision caused by an inadvertent lane change, while the latter increases drivers' awareness of objects that may otherwise escape their vision. The lane departure system uses a camera placed between the inside rearview mirror and the windshield to detect lane markings on the road and alert drivers when they inadvertently stray from the lane. A driver traveling at 35 mph or more who crosses a detected lane marking without signaling is alerted in a couple of ways --- a telltale light flashes amber and three beeps are sounded. The side blind zone alert system uses radar sensors behind the rear fascia on both sides of the vehicle. They signal an audible and visual alert whenever objects are detected in "blind zones." Alternating radar beams sweep adjacent areas to cover a zone of about one lane over from both sides of the vehicle --- about 11 feet. The zone starts at each side mirror and extends back about 16 feet. The side blind zone alert system, however, is not designed to detect vehicles outside of the side blind zone that may be rapidly approaching. Neither is it designed to detect pedestrians, bicylists or animals. Further, the system displays aren't triggered when the vehicle is approaching or passing other vehicles. Nor is it triggered by fire hydrants or parked cars. Both safety systems can be turned on and off by the driver.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials