BOULDER CITY, NV – Amerityre Corporation, a developer of polyurethane elastomer tire technologies, has made significant progress toward successfully completing Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 139 testing on its Arcus run-flat pneumatic passenger car tire design.

The Arcus run-flat tire is a patented system designed to operate at normal air pressure, yet continue to perform normally for at least 200 miles without air.

In April 2004, Amerityre successfully completed certification of the Arcus run-flat tire to FMVSS 109, the safety standard for pneumatic passenger car tires in effect at that time. Additionally, independent testing demonstrated that the Arcus run-flat tire had 45 percent less rolling resistance than a comparable rubber run- flat car tire, resulting in more than a 12 percent increase in fuel economy.

As a result of industry tire recalls and associated vehicle safety concerns that occurred a few years ago, the U.S. Congress implemented the Tire Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation (TREAD) Act and the safety standard for new pneumatic tires was revised. The resulting new standard for new pneumatic passenger car tires, FMVSS 139, became effective in September 2007.

Amerityre has been further developing the Arcus run-flat tire to comply with FMVSS 139. Testing includes bead unseating and tire strength components similar to the testing required under FMVSS 109. The strenuous high-speed test component now subjects tires to speeds of 99 mph versus 85 mph under FMVSS 109, and the 34-hour endurance test is now run at 75 mph versus 50 mph for FMVSS 109. Amerityre has successfully completed these components of FMVSS 139.

Amerityre is now working to successfully complete the final testing segment, which was not a requirement under FMVSS 109. This segment determines the tire’s low inflation pressure performance. In this test the tire is run at 75 mph at a reduced pressure of 20 psi for 90 minutes. The Arcus run-flat tire design has come within 15 minutes of successfully completing this test.

Amerityre is also making modifications to the Arcus run-flat tire design and related tooling in order to pass the low-pressure segment of the FMVSS 139 protocol. Amerityre’s tire design and development personnel believe that this final test segment will be completed successfully.

“Passing FMVSS 139 testing on our passenger car tire design is a high priority for our company and will serve as the foundation for all future passenger car tire projects,” commented Dr. Gary Benninger, Amerityre’s president and CEO.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials