BOSTON - Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), a Chrysler company, continues to be the driving force for street-legalization of low-speed vehicles, as the company and a local GEM dealer support Massachusetts House Bill No. 3524, which would allow the operation of low-speed vehicles on certain streets in Massachusetts.

A public hearing for House Bill No. 3524 took place before the Joint Commission on Transportation at the Massachusetts Capitol. If passed, it will allow low-speed vehicles (LSV), those with speeds of 25 miles per hour or less that comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Standards, to travel on streets posted 35 miles per hour or less. Neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), like the GEM vehicles manufactured by Global Electric Motorcars, are included in this bill.

Local GEM dealer Bill DeLuca IV, vice president of Bill DeLuca Chrysler Jeep, Inc., supports House Bill No. 3524. “GEM vehicles are environmentally friendly. With all the heavy traffic in the Boston area, it’s nice to know that there’s a vehicle that won’t add to the pollution. They’re also convenient for running errands, which is especially important when you consider how difficult it can be to find a parking spot in Boston. With a GEM, you can just pull right into a small spot.”

DeLuca added that GEM cars would be useful for the Boston Police during the summer as they patrol concerts on the Charles River.

Eighty percent of all car trips are 10 miles or less, making a GEM car an ideal second vehicle for Massachusetts residents as they go about their daily lives. GEM vehicles are street-legal in 40 states and are safety equipped. They were recently used in Boston at AARP’s Life@50+™ Convention to shuttle conference attendees around the convention area.

GEM was recently recognized by WestStart-CALSTART with the prestigious 2007 Blue Sky Award for its positive impact in the state of California; nearly 14,000 GEM neighborhood electric vehicles are in use in California. Global Electric Motorcars is particularly honored to receive this award as it launches its tenth anniversary celebration.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials