ANN ARBOR, Mich. --- Michigan state government officials and auto industry executives were on hand for the dedication of the Connected Vehicle Proving Center (CVPC) in Ann Arbor this week. The center's focus is on connected vehicle systems --- communications technologies that let cars and highways communicate with one another to decrease the risk of collisions. The CVPC, funded by the state of Michigan, was created through an alliance between the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) and the Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA). The CVPC will be a proving ground for testing, evaluating and showcasing connected vehicle systems. The center will integrate connected vehicles, smart roadway infrastructure and a broad range of telecommunication technologies. In addition, the CVPC will provide expertise in evaluation design, data storage and analysis and information sharing. Once fully operational, the CVPC will offer an advanced test and evaluation environment that can be accessed by OEMs, automotive suppliers, transportation agencies, and communications companies. "We are extremely excited to be opening the Connected Vehicle Proving Center and better enabling our partner companies to advance the field of vehicle safety," said Steve Underwood, director of both the CVPC and CAR's Transportation and Information System Planning Group. "The facility will be a unique, international showcase, serving as the pinnacle of automotive advancement, demonstrating the capabilities of connected vehicle systems and their positive societal impact."

Originally posted on Fleet Financials