SAN DIEGO – Networkcar announced the availability of the Networkfleet 3500 product line, the next evolution of its wireless vehicle management system. Fleet managers use Networkfleet to access real-time productivity and efficiency information on virtually every aspect of their fleet operations. The new 3500 product line features a rugged, automotive-grade exterior, positive retention connectors, upgraded tamper evident capabilities, and a Siemens TC63 wireless module for high reliability and performance.

The Networkfleet 3500 is a universal solution, compatible with all light, medium, and heavy vehicles. The in-vehicle unit wirelessly transmits GPS location and engine diagnostics directly from the vehicle. The 3500 product line integrates a robust wireless communication system, a microprocessor-controlled interface to the vehicle’s diagnostic bus and a GPS receiver into a single, small enclosure the size of a PDA.

Fleet managers log onto a secure Web page to view and manage information for each vehicle in the fleet. Vehicle data available includes current location, fuel consumption, mileage, speed, emissions, and idle-time. Customers using Networkfleet also receive instant e-mail notifications when a diagnostic trouble code is present in a vehicle or when a vehicle is due for its scheduled maintenance.

The Networkfleet 3500 is available in three versions: L3500 for light duty (OBD-II); H3500 for heavy duty (J1708); and the U3500 for direct wiring (no diagnostic capabilities). For more information, contact Networkcar at (866)227-7323 or e-mail [email protected].

Originally posted on Fleet Financials