SCOTTSDALE, AZ - GPS Insight introduced some major mapping enhancements in September. Most notably, they have a new and improved version of their 2-D enhanced mapping. Additionally, you can now see real time traffic conditions depicted in many of their mapping solutions. Currently you can turn on Traffic in Google Earth, which powers their 3-D mapping solution, and in September GPS Insight will release a traffic option in their 2-D enhanced mapping.

GPS Insight’s enhanced mapping remains an industry best, and includes one minute updates, intuitive current status, history, and animation capabilities. The newest version of 2-D mapping will also include an intuitive direction arrow on each “moving” point to easily help visualize your fleet’s status. Additionally, landmarks will now be shown on their 2-D mapping.

Traffic data has been the number one request from GPS Insight’s customers, and they are glad to announce that it is available now for users using their enhanced mapping offering. Please call us at (866) 477-4321, option 1 to order or try this out.

Brand New Comprehensive GPS Insight demo: GPS Insight Demo. Brand New GPS Insight Routing demo: GPS Insight Routing Demo.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials