TORONTO – AirIQ Inc. announced that its ServiceIQ solution enables fleet operators to improve the efficiency and environmental performance of their fleets, resulting in a reduction in fuel costs and harmful emissions.

“Our customers have a strong interest in reducing their impact on the environment,” explained Anne Taylor, Vice President of AirIQ’s Commercial Fleet Division, “and we have responded to this need by offering a ‘Green Suite of Services’ that meets this goal while offering substantial bottom-line savings.”

Steve Willey, AirIQ’s Chief Executive Officer added, “This initiative is consistent with our commitment to drive new and high-value services from the proven AirIQ common telematics platform.”

ServiceIQ’s location-based solution employs a suite of eco-friendly features and comprehensive reporting to enable fleet operators to reduce fuel consumption and harmful vehicle emissions through route optimization, reduced engine idle times, effective speed monitoring and the performance of vehicle maintenance at the optimum time.

Other key features and functions of the ServiceIQ solution include:

  • Automated inventory (knowing the location of assets at pre-established times).
  • Destination tracking (knowing the status and route of service vehicles).
  • Stationary status (knowing when vehicle assets are unproductive).
  • Fleet activities summary reports (including graphical representation comparing performance of assets).
  • Fleet work day summary (first destination leave and last destination arrive with all event details, summarizing total and average working hours for each asset.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials