DETROIT --- Many auto industry experts predict that the next generation of vehicle safety systems could arise from the establishment of a national wireless network that would permit cars to communicate electronically with each other and with the roads they're driving on. According to the Seattle Times, industry experts predict the initiative for such wireless-based safety features is expected to roll out during the next 10 to 25 years. The subject is already a major discussion point at auto industry conferences. Bob Lange, executive director of vehicle structure and safety integration at General Motors, explained that a stalled vehicle on an interstate of the future could theoretically send wireless messages to an approaching semitrailer and cars behind it. An electronic signal could even apply a car's brakes automatically if the driver of the car behind the semitrailer is distracted, for example. Supporters of such a wireless system, however, acknowledge that such plans face major hurdles, including the need for standardization across all vehicle makes and models and the source of funding.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials