GILBERT, AZ - Within the last few years, as fuel costs have risen considerably, and as more companies have started to look for new ways to save on vehicle expenses, the GPS fleet management industry has grown into an important sector of the American economy. However, with no clear front-runner, the industry has struggled to find unity and standardization, according to Wireless Management & Consulting, Inc.(WMC).

With so many different GPS companies, each offering its own unique product, it has often been difficult for potential customers to find a GPS distributor that can meet their specific needs. Seth Helgeson, president and CEO of WMC, believes his company will soon fill the void as an industry leader and help to solve some of the problems that now plague the industry.

In an industry so crowded with competition, Helgeson’s company looks to stand out from its competitors.

“So many GPS distributors specialize in just one area of fleet management, such as asset tracking or fleet communications,” Helgeson said. “Other companies offer so many different products, it is almost impossible to sort through their lengthy inventory lists.”

Wireless Management & Consulting, Inc. offers five different systems, each designed to perform a specific function. These systems, manufactured by Wireless Links, are used for asset tracking, vehicle tracking, dispatch/driver communications, mobile WiFi and Bluetooth, and even J-Bus remote engine diagnostics. WMC aims to attract new customers by offering a simple, but diverse, line of GPS systems that can give clients exactly what they need.

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Originally posted on Fleet Financials