ASSEN, NETHERLANDS – Walker Racing and Performance Friction Brakes have formed a relationship to help talented youth reach the pinnacle of the sport.

For more than five decades, open-wheel racing has had a rich tradition in America. Hundreds of aspiring drivers have tried to work their way up the infamous ladder to pave their way into Champ Car, but many haven’t had the opportunity to make it that far.

The two parties are joining forces to find talent by focusing on drivers in the Star Mazda series.

“We are happy to be entering into a relationship with Walker Racing to help find promising and talented drivers in the open-wheel categories. As part of our commitment to open-wheel racing, we want to help with developing the Mazda family in the Star Mazda, Atlantic, and Champ Car series,” said Darrick Dong, director of Motorsports, Performance Friction Brakes.

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Originally posted on Fleet Financials