WASHINGTON, D.C. --- The U.S. average retail price for regular gasoline rose 4.7 cents to jump to $2.796 per gallon as of Sept. 3, 6.9 cents higher than the same week last year. Retail regular gasoline prices were up throughout all of the major regions during the week, the Energy Department's Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported. Prices in the Midwest soared 13.3 cents to hit $2.973 per gallon, the highest in the country and 37.5 cents per gallon over last year. East Coast prices rose 1.3 cents to $2.709 per gallon. Prices for the Gulf Coast were 0.5 cent more, settling at $2.657 per gallon, the lowest regional price. The Rocky Mountain region price advanced to $2.821 per gallon, up 1.5 cents during the week but 12.3 cents per gallon below last year. West Coast prices inched up 0.4 cent to $2.772 per gallon. The average price for regular grade in California was unchanged at $2.791 per gallon, 21.9 cents per gallon lower than the previous year. Retail diesel prices climbed to $2.893 per gallon --- 3.0 cents higher than the previous week, but 7.4 cents per gallon lower than this time last year. Prices rose in all regions of the country, with the exception of the Rocky Mountain region where the average price fell by 0.8 cent to $2.939 per gallon. East Coast prices were up 3.3 cents to $2.867 per gallon. In the Midwest, prices rose 4.0 cents to $2.910 per gallon, while the Gulf Coast increased 2.8 cents to $2.836 per gallon. The West Coast price grew by 0.7 cent to $2.972 per gallon. California prices fell slightly, settling at $2.985 per gallon, 19.0 cents per gallon lower than a year ago.

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