CHICAGO – Irv Segal passed away at the age of 84. Born Nov. 26, 1922 on the West Side, Segal was a World War II veteran, avid golfer, and co-founder of Budget Rent-A-Car.

Segal began his career at 18 in the Army, traveling to Italy to fight in WWII. He eventually earned Purple Heart and Bronze Star. Upon his return, Segal studied at the University of Wisconsin, earning a bachelors degree in economics.

Segal obtained a job selling cars, and saved $2,500 to open his own business. From that moment, he never worked for anyone but himself again. According to the Sun Times, he owned five Chicago-area car dealerships as well as several Budget Rent-A-Car operations, and served as the chairman of the Buick Dealer Council of the U.S., and several other automotive trade associations.

Survived by his wife, two daughters, and three grandchildren, Segal is honored for his contributions to local charities including the little City Foundation and Lynn Sage Cancer research, and will be greatly missed.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials