LOUISVILLE, Ken. --- Kentucky state officials plan to spend $1 million over the next year in hopes of stemming the problem of truck crashes on interstate highways. The money will be spent on extra traffic enforcement patrols. According to state statistics, car drivers cause more than half of all commercial truck collisions and nearly 75 percent of all fatal accidents involving commercial vehicles in Kentucky, the Cincinnati Post reported. Drivers often don't leave enough space for trucks. Semis need twice as much time and space to stop as passenger cars. The problem is particularly troublesome on I-75/71 in Northern Kentucky and a stretch of Interstate 65 in Louisville. The safety campaign will focus on ticketing aggressive driving behavior in those areas. Law enforcement officers will look for reckless driving, tailgating, improper lane changes and other dangerous driving practices. Officers will be doing some their monitoring from the passenger seats of two 18-wheel trucks. When they spot an unsafe driver, those officers will then notify a patrol vehicle to make the stop.

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